Welcome to the New Season

It’s the new season and you know what that means - it is time to climb again!


The season begins on 1st January 2018 and ends on the 1st April 2018. Reach Gold by the end of this season and be rewarded with a Verdant Payna skin!


Some of you may be wondering why your ranks have been reset to a lower ranking at the start of a new season. This is because AOV is a constantly evolving MOBA where the meta shifts frequently. If we do not reset, players are able to just coast along in the new season and get rewarded for their achievements in the previous season. Season resets allow us to celebrate the best players’ skill and ability to adapt to each season’s meta. It also provides a better sense of accomplishment and reward.

However, we did not hard-reset everyone to the lowest rank, as that will wreck havoc on a new player’s experience if they happen to start playing ranked just after a season reset. Imagine playing against a conqueror player for your very first ranked game (shudders). The soft-reset also gives players a slight advantage for their hard work in the previous season.


The full soft-reset list is as follows:


Bronze III - Bronze III

Bronze II - Bronze II

Bronze I - Bronze I

Silver III - Bronze I

Silver II - Silver III

Silver I - Silver III

Gold IV - Silver II

Gold III - Silver II

Gold II - Silver I

Gold I - Silver I

Platinum V - Gold IV

Platinum IV - Gold IV

Platinum III - Gold III

Platinum II - Gold III

Platinum I - Gold III

Diamond V - Gold II

Diamond IV - Gold II

Diamond III - Gold I

Diamond II - Gold I

Diamond I - Gold I

Conqueror (0-10 Stars) - Platinum V

Conqueror (11-50 Stars) - Platinum IV

Conqueror (51-100 Stars) - Platinum III

Conqueror (101-150 Stars) - Platinum II

Conqueror (151-9999 Stars) - Platinum I


That’s all from us today. Happy New Year and have fun in the Arena!