Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) Group Draw Schedule to be Announced

Team Tamago to prove themselves in AIC


Key Points:

  • Prize pool for AIC 2018 is US$600,000

  • Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) Group Draw will happen on 10th Nov

  • Team Tamago to prove themselves

  • Thailand and Taiwan team are favourites of AIC


[8 November 2018, Manila] The highly anticipated Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) 2018, boasting a record prize pool of US$600,000 (estimated PHP 32 mil), will kick off on 23rd Nov when the top 16 Arena of Valor (AOV) teams in the world will be heading to Vietnam and Thailand for this prestigious event.


The Vietnam AOV professional league, Arena of Glory (AOG) will end their finals on 10th Nov where the final seed team for AIC will be decided. The 16 teams in AIC will then draw for their group. Aside from the 4 seed teams from GCS division, RPL division, AOG division and Korea, all the other 12 non-seed teams will participate in the AIC Play-In Round in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam from 23rd to 25th Nov.


Aside from the 4 seed teams, all teams will fight for the 8 slots to proceed to Group Stage


The Valiant Server (Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines) representative Team Tamago will join 11 other professional teams in the Play-In Stage, fighting to be 1 of  the 8 slots to proceed to Group Stage. Team Tamago was the representative for AWC earlier this year, despite not achieving outstanding results, they have gained experience from their first international championship and have been training since then. Team Tamago will showcase their training results this time in AIC, and prove themselves.


It will be very challenging for Team Tamago as this year we are seeing strong teams such as Bazaar Gaming from RPL division, JTeam and Flash Wolves from GCS division. Nonetheless, Korean representative team ahq is another team not to be looked down too. Ahq was the champion during AWC World Championship held in Los Angeles this summer, they also beat the top ranking team in GCS division, JTeam with a 4:2 score in the GCS Summer Finals. Ahq is also one of the favourite team to be the champion of AIC 2018.