Collect Roses this Valentine's Day

The heroes of Arena of Valor have prepared their best suits and colognes to celebrate the occasion that is love!

Single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry! Let AOV accompany you. We have a mission to all hopeless romantics - collect roses and redeem prizes!

From 6th February 2018 to 14th February 2018, complete the objective and collect all the roses everyday during this period! There are three parts to the event:


First Mission - Login Everyday to Collect Roses

Login everyday to get one rose per day!

Duration: 6 February 2018 - 13th February 2018


Second Mission - Play Casual Match to Collect Roses

Play two 5v5 casual game or ranked match to get one rose per day. There are 8 roses in total!

Duration: 6 February 2018 - 13th February 2018


Redemption - Redeem Goodies with Roses Collected

Redeem special Valentine's day rewards! The redemption ends on 14/02/2018

You may redeem either a special Romeo’s Treasure or a special Juliet’s Treasure! You may only redeem each treasure once.

You may use the extra roses to redeem gems.

Time is ticking, so hurry up and get all the roses!


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