Valentine's Artwork Contest

February has arrived! That means exciting events to look forward to. We are so ready to celebrate that we decided to bring it forward!

The first event lined up for this month is the AOV Valentine’s Artwork Contest! Put your artsy caps on and get creative for you can win AMAZING prizes. We’re not kidding, they are quite amazing. Details are as below:

Event Period:
Feb 1 - Feb 14, 2018

Theme: AOV Valentine Couple (You may choose ANY male and female AOV heroes)


  1. Hand-drawn (Take a picture from top view or scan and submit to us)

  2. Digital (Artistic work that uses digital technology)

What are the Prizes?

Categories Hand-drawn Digital
First Place USD 250 USD 250
Second Place USD 150 USD 150
Third Place USD 100 USD 100 

Aside from that, the artwork from each category which has the most likes will receive USD100 each! Only ONE winner will be chosen from each category (hand-drawn and digital) for the most liked artwork so don’t forget to get your friends to share your artwork!

How do I submit my artwork?

1. Submit your artworks to with the details:

  1. Name:

  2. Country of Residence:

  3. Garena Username:

  4. Facebook Profile Link:

  5. Artwork Title:

2.  Post your artwork on your Facebook profile (make sure you set your profiles to public so we can view them!)

  1. In the caption, tell us why you chose these heroes (try to relate it to the game as much as possible)

  2. Include the hashtag #AOVart (important!)

  3. Get your friends to share your artwork!

3. Rules and Regulations

  • Each contestant may submit more than one artwork but only one artwork from one artist will be considered for the prize

  • Artworks submitted MUST BE ORIGINALLY CREATED by the participating contestants whether hand drawn or done digitally. Any form of plagiarism IS NOT ALLOWED

  • Artworks submitted MUST follow the contest’s theme: AOV Valentine Heroes. The highlight of the artwork must include ONE male hero and ONE female hero

  • Your artworks must be appropriate for all players: please ensure that your artworks do not contain anything offensive or anything too risqué

  • Your artwork must be submitted in the correct format: We’re only taking submissions formatted in .jpg or .png, and it can be portrait or landscape

  • Deadline of submission is at 23:59pm, 14th February 2018. Any late submissions will not be entertained