How to Redeem Your Code

Congratulations, Challengers! You have successfully downloaded the Arena of Valor game app! To all who have pre-registered on our website, please check your emails or your phones to view the redemption code!

How can I redeem my code in game?


Step 1: Log into your AOV account on your mobile phones

Step 2: Click on the “Gift Box” icon at the bottom right of the screen



Step 3: Click on the “Announcement” tab at the top right of the screen



Step 4: Follow the instructions on how to redeem the code under the “Announcement” tab



Step 5: Key in the code in the text box to unlock your gift. Please be informed that the code is case-sensitive.



Once you click redeem, the gift will be credited into your account immediately. Have fun and enjoy your time at the arena.

Don’t stop playing and always go for ONE MORE GAME!