<<Garena Arena of Valor>> AIC (Arena of Valor International Championship) Group Draw Result

Key Points:

  • Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) Group Draw happened on 10th Nov

  • Team Tamago fighting to proceed to the Group Stage

  • Team Tamago to overcome challenges in Group C


The Arena of Valor International Championship (AIC) brings together the top AOV teams from around the world to compete for the title of AOV world champion. This year, the AIC will kick off in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – and will feature one of the largest prize pools ever for a mobile esports event.


A total of 16 teams will be featured in the AIC, where 4 seeded teams will not have to go through the Qualifier Stage and directly proceed to the Group Stage which will happen on 23rd Nov. The 4 seeded teams are Team Flash from AoG Vietnam, Bazaar Gaming from RPL Thailand, ahq from Korea and J Team from GCS Taiwan.



Team Tamago as the MSP representative is in Group B, facing Bazaar Gaming (BZ), OverClockers (OCS) and Team China. This will not be easy for team Tamago as they will face Thailand’s first seed BZ. BZ is definitely one of the favourite team to win AIC 2018 as they have been dominating RPL this season. Nonetheless, team Tamago still stand chance against CN and OCS.


Group C is also another group to look out for. Vietnam second seed team Swing Phantom (SP) and Taiwan second seed team Flash Wolves (FW) wil be facing AWC 2018 champion team ahq. FW and SP will definitely want to prove themselves and proceed to the Group Stage. Team South America (SA) will face great challenge as they are facing against 3 strong regions in Group C. For more information, stay tuned!