Elsu Lucky Draw Challenge

Are you guys excited for Elsu's launch? In conjunction of Elsu's launch, Contra: Return and AOV will be having a joint event to celebrate this launch!



Event Period


Time period for getting drawing keys:

Now until 11:59PM 20 Oct 2018


Time period for drawing prizes:

Now until 11:59PM 31 Oct 2018

* From 21 Oct 2018 (00:01AM) to 31 Oct 2018 (11:59PM), you will not be able to get new keys to draw prizes during this period



Event Mechanics


Click the event center in “Garena Contra: Return” or the announcement in “Garena AOV” to enter the in-game website. You can use 1 key to draw 1 time. Get a chance to win numerous reward including the brand new Razer Phone 2!

From 16 Oct to 19 Oct, login everyday in Garena Contra: Return and Garena AOV to win 1 key respectively. You can a maximum of 2 keys a day. Get 3 keys by entering the in-game website on 20 Oct!

Take note:

* You can only draw the rewards in in-game website.

* Non-physical rewards will be sent via in-game mail. Please wait patiently.



Event Rules


1. From 16 Oct - 19 Oct, get 1 key respectively by entering the website via in-game link from each game. You can get 3 keys separately on 20 Oct. You can get at most 14 times for drawing during the event period.


2. You can use 1 key to draw 1 time by pressing the “draw” button in the in-game website. Get a chance to win amazing rewards including a Razer Phone 2.

* The chances which are earned from 2 games cannot be synced.You need to draw respectively in each game’s in-game website.


3. You will get 1 redemption code after drawing. Please press the button “COPY” and paste the redemption code onto the redemption page to get the rewards. The rewards will be sent via in-game mail, If you forgot the serial numbers, you can press the button “Drawing Records” on the in-game website to check the serial number.

* Please go to the redemption page according to the game the rewards you get belong to. For example, if it is the in-game reward of Garena AOV”, you need to redeem it on the redeem page of “Garena AOV”

* You cannot enter the redemption page of “Garena Contra: Return” using guest account. Thus, please bind your game account with Facebook account or Garena account first to join the event.

* The event center in “Garena Contra : Return” will be opened after the character reaches level 5. Thus, please achieve level 5 to join the event.


4. If you have drawn the Razer Phone 2, please report your serial number and the information to our official Facebook page before 31 October 2018. The reward will be sent after the process is completed.


Take note:

* The rewards Elsu Fragment and Elsu Executioner Skin for “Garena Contra: Return” can only be redeemed after 20 Oct. Please redeem the reward after 20 Oct in the redemption page.

* If you have drawn the AoV x Contra: Return Lucky Chest, you will stand a chance to get the ultimate reward which is the Elsu Executioner Skin! The skin will be sent via in-game mail to the players who own this item on 22 Oct. Please remember to check the mail box.

* The redemption limitation for one single account of AoV x Contra: Return Lucky Chest is 14 times.

* The redemption limitation for one single account of Random Diamond Gift, Purple Equipment Omni Fragment, Purple Weapon Exp Card, and Blue Pet EXP Card is 10 times.





- Razer Phone 2

- AoV x Contra: Return Lucky Chest (a chance to get Elsu Executioner Skin, skin shards, or gems)

- Contra Elsu Executioner Skin

- Contra Elsu Fragment x 20

- Contra Contra - Random Diamond Gift

- Contra Purple Equipment Omni Fragment x 10

- Contra Purple Weapon Exp Card x 10

- Contra Blue Pet EXP Card x 10