[Version 17] Patch Notes

Dear Challengers,


Arena of Valor will be updating our servers to Version 17 on 16th of October 2018 (Tuesday). This new update will include hero balances, changes to peripheral system, updated arena mechanics, and other in-game tweaks. We hope this update will make the matches more balanced and exciting in hopes to provide all players a better gaming experience!


I. New Mode -- Clone Battle Mode



Ever since the game’s launch, people have been forced to fight together on the Antaris Battlefield using different heroes. But…we've been wondering -- “What would happen if we introduced a restriction that instead forced all players use the SAME HERO...? How fun would that be?


Well, after countless redesigns and modifications, we're finally proud to introduce an all-new casual match -- "Clone Battle". In this mode, players will do battle using the same hero across their entire team. We believe this will set the stage for a unique combat experience.


Picture five of Maloch's Shocks raining down all at once, or five Butterflys flying at your team from the brush. We love giving players new ways to compete and have fun. We really hope you like this new mode!


II. Peripheral System Optimizations


New Features


  1. Added Seal of Kings: The number of Legend Marks for players who obtain the Conqueror’s rank at the end of a season will continue to increase.


  1. Added popular builds to the Hero menu: In the Hero Menu, popular builds can be selected in place of current builds.


  1. Added hero lane icons: In the Hero menu, there’s an icon at the bottom-right corner of each hero's avatar showing the recommended lane.


  1. Added the ability to hide combat history: Combat history can be hidden via the System Settings. When active, players will not be able to view another player's combat history.


  1. Added Backpack item management: Useless items in the Backpack can be sold in a single tap.


  1. Added special UI: A new UI interface was made for the AIC.


  1. Added anniversary gifts: Every challenger will receive a gift on certain anniversaries.


Feature Optimizations


  1. Optimized report system: Players who have been reported multiple times within a short period will have 20 points deducted and be banned from the game. The determination of when feeding is taking place has also been optimized.


  1. Optimized beginner tutorial system: The system will learn about a player's previous gaming experience in order to place them at the appropriate level.


  1. Optimized MVP rating after a battle: The rating will give a more reasonable rating by taking class into consideration.


  1. Optimized popular builds: The popular builds ranking is more reasonable—win rate and recent usage are weighted.


  1. Optimized the display logic of recently used heroes in ban pick mode: All heroes shown are the ones used in Ranked Matches.


  1. Optimized hostess display effect: When an achievement is claimable, the hostess icon will be more noticeable (gift pack).


  1. Optimized opening chests in the Backpack: Multiple chests of the same kind can be opened at the same time.


  1. Optimized first top-up reward: Instead of receiving one free hero, there is now a choice to pick from three heroes.


III. Battlefield Changes


In the current meta, Marksmen tend to jungle the most. We want to encourage jungling among more hero types so that lineups and tactics become more varied. We hope to achieve this by adjusting the economics of jungle monsters and minion waves, coupled with other battlefield mechanics.


Jungle Monsters


  1. We've decreased Gold from jungle activities by about 10%. More specifically:


  1. Jungle monster base Gold adjustment: Sage Golem and Might Golem base Gold: 65 → 62


  1. Tree Toad, Luminous Lizard, Wild Monkey, and Rock Crab base Gold: 55 → 52


  1. Highest jungle monster Gold increase after 11 minutes: 165% → 150%


Minion Waves


  1. We've increased Gold from minion waves by about 5%. More specifically:


  1. Increased the growth speed of Gold from minion waves in the mid-game so that it is slightly higher than before.


  1. Previously, minion wave Gold capped at 150% after 10 minutes. Now it caps at 150% after 9.5 minutes.




  1. When there are no minion waves, the damage reduction of a tower's backdoor protection goes from 70% → 80%.




  1. Drake Movement Speed: 4m/sec → 3.3m/sec


  1. Drake summoning: If a player does not summon the Drake in time, the summoning opportunity will be lost. A bug has been fixed where players could still summon the Drake while dead.


IV. Hero Balance Adjustments


The Fastest Man Alive: The Flash



Base Movement Speed: 400 → 380


Ability 3: Cyclone

Magic damage: 450/675/900 (+0.6AP) → 500/750/1000 (+0.6AP)

Vacuum control effect: 1 sec stun → 0.5 sec stun and 1 sec 50% slow


The Forgotten: Azzen'Ka


Passive: Sand Trap

Passive mark duration: 5 sec → 6 sec

Removal mechanic: "Cannot apply to the same target within 2 sec"


The Gilded: Gildur


Passive: Midas Touch

Passive normal attack will now grant a shield

Shield points:  (100+0.6AP) → 160 (+20 per level) (+0.3AP)


The Pure: Tulen



Base Movement Speed: 340 → 350


The Anointed One: Ignis



Growth HP: 173 → 198.5

Growth armor: 16.7 → 20.5


Passive: Sacred Flame

Mark of Flame mechanics: Triggers 1 sec after the ability has hit the target → immediately takes effect upon hitting with Ability 1 and refreshes the cooldown of Ability 1

Mark of Flame duration: 2.5 sec → 3 sec

HP recovered from mark triggering on an enemy hero: 80 (+5 per level) (+0.2AP) → 120 (+8 per level) (+0.3AP)


Ability 1: Fire Crash

Ability backswing is shortened by 0.2 seconds

Projectile width: 2m → 2.5m

Projectile length: 1.5m → 2.5m

Magic damage: 320/420/520/620/720/820 (+0.7AP) → 320/380/440/500/560/620 (+0.5AP)

Shield: 300/425/550/675/800/925 (+0.8AP) → 300/400/500/600/700/800 (+0.65AP)

Shield duration: 3 sec → 2 sec

Mana cost: 40/45/50/55/60/65 → 30/34/38/42/46/50


Ability 2: Rain of Fire

Ability backswing is shortened by 0.1 seconds


Ability 3: Holy Embers

Ability backswing is shortened by 0.1 seconds


The Lord of Mischief: Aleister


Ability 3: Magic Prison

Duration: 3 sec → 2.5 sec

Enemy will continue to be held during the Ultimate, and can't Resist or be Purified for the duration


The Soul Harvester: Veera



Basic Movement Speed: 350 → 360


Ability 2: Mesmerize

Range: 7m → 7.5m


Ability 3: Inferno Bats

Range: 7m → 7.5m


The Archangel: Lauriel


Passive: Divine Punishment

Slowdown effect: 50% → (50%–90%), scales with hero level


The Crystal Lotus: Diaochan


Ability 1: Chilling Frost

Magic damage: 350/420/490/560/630/700 (+0.85AP) → 400/490/580/670/760/850 (+0.75AP)

Frost mark duration: 5.5 sec→ 6 sec

The movement delay caused when casting this ability is shortened


Ability 2: Diamond Dust

The movement delay caused when casting this ability is shortened


The Illest: Preyta


Ability 3: Disciple of the Plague

Attack Speed boost: 10% → 20%

Cooldown: 45/40/35 → 40/35/30

Mana Cost: 130/150/170 → 100/125/150


The Hotshot: Yorn



Base Armor: 88 → 94

Growth HP: 184.9 → 202

Growth Attack Speed: 4% → 3%

Growth attack damage: 16.2 → 14.8


Passive ability: Fierce Shot

Physical damage of each volley: (0.7AD) → 75 (+4 per level) (+0.4AD)


Ability 1: Explosive Arrow

Ability backswing is shortened by 0.1 sec

Physical Damage: 120/145/170/195/220/245 (+0.54AD) → 175/200/225/250/275/300 (+0.75AD)

Stun time: 0.75 → 1 sec


Ability 2: Heavenly Barrage

Ability backswing is shortened by 0.1 sec

Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16/15 → 18/17.4/16.8/16.2/15.6/15


Ability 3: Heart Shot

Ability backswing is shortened by 0.2 sec


The Ageless: Tel'Annas



Growth HP: 176.3 → 190.8


Ability 1: Eagle Eye

Normal attack damage mechanics: Normal attack deals an additional 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+0.1AD) magic damage → normal attack deals 40/48/56/64/72/80 (+0.55AD) magic damage and an equal amount of physical damage


The Demon Hunter: Valhein



Growth Attack Speed: 4% → 3%


Passive: Pocket Glaive

Stun time of yellow glaive: 1 sec → 0.75 sec

Base damage of passive glaive: 100 (+12 per level) → 80 (+10 per level)


The Clown Prince of Crime: The Joker


Ability 3: Canned Laughter

New mechanic: Attack Speed is increased by (50%/75%/100%) for 4 sec after casting


The Pistol Assassin: Violet


Ability 1: Tactical Fire

Physical damage: 275/315/355/395/435/475 (+1.0AD) → 275/305/335/365/395/425 (+1.0AD)



The Firecracker: Wisp



Base attack damage: 161 → 171


Ability 1: Loose Cannon

Enhanced normal attack damage: 45/60/75/90/105/120 (+1.1AD) → 75/100/125/150/175/200 (+0.9AD)

Cooldown: 10 → 10/9.6/9.2/8.8/8.4/8

Ratio of enhanced normal attack damage dealt to splashed enemies: 100% → 50%


Ability 2: Barrel Bomb

Barrel Bomb rolling speed: 8m/s → 10m/s


Ability 3: Shock and Awe

Targets in range of Ultimate are slowed by 20%



Guardian of the Glade: Payna


Ability 1: Healing Light

HP recovered per sec: Changes from 60 (+20/Lv) (+0.1AP) (plus 10% of target's lost HP) → 80 (+25/Lv) (+0.1AP) (plus 7% of target's lost HP)


Ability 3: Nature's Rally

Armor for allies: 200 (+50/Lv) → 150 (+35/Lv)

Stun time: 1.5 sec → 1.25 sec


The Monkey King: Wukong


Ability 1: Shadow Clone

Cooldown: 15/13.8/12.6/11.4/10.2/9 → 12/11.4/10.8/10.2/9.6/9


Ability 3: Monkey Business

New mechanic: When the second phase of the Ultimate is cast, slowing effects on self are removed


The Kunoichi: Airi


Class: Warrior → Assassin



Base attack damage: 159 → 168

Base armor: 105 → 96


Ability 3: Ryuu

Stun time: 1.25 sec → 1 sec


The Doomspear: Zephys


Ability 1: Death Rift

Mana cost: 45/50/55/60/65/70 → 30/35/40/45/50/55


Ability 3: Death from Above

Mana cost: 135/150/165 → 100/115/130


The Scarabim: Kriknak


Ability 3: Drone Drop

Physical damage: 690/920/1150 (+2.65 additional AD) → 660/880/1100 (+2.60 additional AD)


The Monolith: Baldum


Ability 1: Wild Charge

Physical damage: Changes from 200/240/280/320/360/400 (+0.2 self armor) (+0.3AD) → 175/225/275/325/375/425 (+0.3 self armor) (+0.5AD)

Cooldown: 13/12.6/12.2/11.8/11.4/11 → 12/11.6/11.2/10.8/10.4/10


Ability 2: Wild Stomp

Physical damage: Changes from 50/55/60/65/70/75 (+0.05 self armor) (+0.3AD)

→ 50/56/62/68/74/80 (+0.07 self armor) (+0.3AD)


Ability 3: Wild Prison

The warning circle of the Ultimate appears 0.5 sec earlier

When Baldum smashes his totem into the ground, he causes 50% slowdown for 1.5 sec

There is a 90% decrease to Movement Speed 0.6 sec before the ground collapses


The Trustworthy: Slimz



Base HP: 3389 → 3292

Growth HP: 207.9 → 189


Ability 1: Flying Spear

Movement Speed increases upon hitting a hero: 60% → 30–80% depending on the distance


The Great Warlord: Lu Bu



Growth Attack Speed: 3% → 2%

Base HP: 3531 → 3431


Passive: Martial Master

New mechanic: Every ability cast increases Attack Speed by 10%, up to a max of 5 stacks, for 3 sec



Amazon of Themyscira: Wonder Woman



Base armor: 89 → 95

Base attack damage: 168 → 173

Growth Attack Speed: 1% → 2%


The Adventurer: Roxie



Growth HP: 352.8 → 319.2


Ability 3: Agnie's Grasp

If a hero is hit by the Ultimate, the cooldown of Ability 1 and Ability 2 are simultaneously refreshed

Magic damage: changes from 75/100/125 + {4/5/6}% of target's current HP)

→ 40/60/80 + {4/5/6}% of target's current HP) (additional damage will not exceed 300)

Cooldown: 40/36/32 → 45/40/35


The Wunderkind: Max


Ability 1: Bionic Blender

Movement Speed increase from hitting an enemy: 6% → 10%

Max Movement Speed increase of 30% remains unchanged



The Frenzy: Ormarr


Passive: Gut Punch

Stun time: 0.75 sec → 0.75-1 sec (scales with hero level)


The War Hammer: Taara


Passive: Fighting Spirit

New mechanic: All abilities cost 8% of current HP

Ratio of HP recovery from using abilities: 3% → 6%


The Terror: Kil'Groth


Ability 2: Enraged Spear

Magic damage of third passive normal attack: 60/100/140/180/220/260 (+0.3 additional AD) → 75/115/155/195/235/275 (+0.3 additional AD)

Magic damage of third normal attack when ability has been activated: 50/80/110/140/170/200 (+0.25 additional AD) → 50/85/120/155/190/225 (+0.25 additional AD)


The Protector: Thane



Base Movement Speed: 370 → 380


Passive: Royal Power

Duration: 6 sec → 4 sec


New mechanic: 25% damage reduction when active  


The Chosen: Arthur


Passive: Paragon

Armor increase: 28 (+8/lv) → 88 (+8/lv)


V. Equipment Adjustments




Price: 490 → 420


Claves Sancti


Price: 2250 → 2120


Devil's Handshake


Price: 2070 → 1960


Slikk's Sting


Price: 2000 → 1920


Ring of the Fiend


Unique active's vision range: 10m → 12m


Purifying Bracers


Effective range: 5m → 7m

Increased Movement Speed: 20% → 30%

Duration: 1 sec → 2 sec

Cooldown: 90 sec → 60 sec


Starter Jungle Knife


Name change: Hunter's Crossbow → Kukri

Changed to icon of kukri


Scorching Wind


Unique passive - Fire Storm: Normal attacks place a mark on the target, dealing (18 + hero level*0.5) magic damage each stack (ranged attacks deal 75% of the damage), up to 6 stacks → Normal attacks place a mark on the target, dealing 15 additional magic damage each stack (+1 per 3 levels), up to 6 stacks.




Attributes: +80 attack damage → +40 attack damage

[New] unique passive - Soul Taker: Next ability or normal attack on a hero deals an additional (300 +20 per level) magic damage, and damage output is increased by 7% for 3 seconds (melee combat only) (30 sec CD)


Loki's Curse


Item Tree: Monsters' Bane + Ring of Vitality + Ancient Scriptures → Monsters' Bane + Trick Blade


+150 Magic Attack → +120 Magic Attack

+400 Max HP → +10% Cooldown Speed



Berith's Agony


Price: 2160 → 2120

Attributes: +270 Armor → +225 Armor


VI. Audio


The team at Hexany Audio has created something special for the Clone Clash start screen: "Duplicate Soul"


VII. Game Optimization and Bug Fixes


  1. Optimized minion wave textures to make it easier to distinguish their special effects, animations, and abilities so that challengers can focus on more important things, such as combat.


  1. Optimized the appearance of the icon beside the HP bar when the hero obtains a Resurrection Buff or the ability to summon a Drake.


  1. Added backdoor protection text to towers. Even without minion waves, the HP bar of a tower has text that says, "Tower has backdoor protection."


  1. Optimized Training Camp interface commands. The respawn of all jungle monsters can be set in the Training Camp.


  1. Iterated background stories for Valhein and Violet.


  1. Kriknak can cast Recall and Restore, and can use talents and equipment abilities while using his Ultimate.


  1. Maloch can use talents when casting Ability 1.


  1. Fixed a bug where Maloch's model did not display correctly.


  1. Fixed a bug where Krixi's Ultimate could hit a unit outside her range of vision (for example, an enemy standing in the brush nearby).


  1. Fixed a bug where the Water Stone passive ability, Devotion, did not trigger in Abyssal Clash.


  1. Fixed a bug where Murad, Zill, etc. couldn’t receive a buff from the Enraged Abyssal Dragon after having defeated it using their Ultimate.


  1. Fixed a bug where the Blitz Blade triggered Chain Lightning on towers.


  1. Fixed a bug where the countdown timers of the Abyssal Dragon and the Enraged Abyssal Dragon overlapped. When both dragons enter countdown, display priority will go to the one that will respawn first.



VIII. Xeniel's Codex


In this patch, we'll also be bringing you the ultimate Codex system. Players will be able to unlock Xeniel's Codex to win more exclusive rewards! Players will be able to play and complete exciting missions. Each mission will unlock rewards. The ultimate reward will be the exclusive limited edition Steampunk Veera skin and also Cybercore Arrival: Murad skin that players can not get anywhere else!




IX. New Evolution Skin


In this patch, we will also be unlocking the new evolution skin -- Technoblade Butterfly. Players will be able to unlock cool new features of the skin by evolving using Evolution Stones. Evolution Stones can be acquired via random in-game events or by purchasing the Evolution Chest from the in-game shop.



Each evolution level of Technoblade Butterfly skin will reveal special effects.

Level I: New ability effects

Level II: New skin model

Level III: New cyberpunk ability effects

Level IV: New flashy recall effects

Level V: New upgraded sound effects